GW4 Biosensor Workshop

GW4 Biosensor Workshop


24 Mar, 2016


University of Bath Get Directions


The GW4 Biosensor Network will bring together researchers from different disciplines with an interest on biosensors. Biosensors measure chemical or biological molecules in complex samples (e.g. blood, water, air) for a wide range of applications: medical diagnosis, monitoring of physiological levels of different analytes, monitoring of therapies, personalised medicine, drug discovery, water quality control, environmental monitoring, food quality control, air quality control, detection of warfare agents, etc.

Inherently, biosensor research is highly interdisciplinary with integration of knowledge between engineers, physical scientists, life scientists, clinicians and other end users to accelerate innovations that are informed and fit for purpose.

The GW4 Biosensor Network is organising its first workshop on the 24th March 2016 at the University of Bath. This will be an open workshop, with participation of academics, postdoctoral researchers and research students from the four Universities. The main objective of this 1-day workshop is to provide a way of disseminating across the GW4 biosensor community the research being done by the different groups, establish links and initial networking.

The event is free and open to anyone within the GW4 Universities with an interest in biosensors.

The GW4 Biosensor Network will cover the travel expenses of around 20 participants from each of the Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter Universities. Please register as soon as possible to ensure a place.

To register, please go to

Deadline for registration is the 18th March 2016.

There are a few slots available for oral presentations – if you wish to be considered for a talk, please register by the 13th March.