GW4 International Careers Fairs 2017 (Employers)

GW4 International Careers Fairs 2017 (Employers)


11 Sep, 2017 – 14 Sep, 2017


Hilton Shanghai Get Directions


After the great successes of the 2016 GW4 China Careers Fairs in Shanghai and Beijing, we are proud to present the



GW4 Universities International Careers Fairs 2017

GW4大学国际人才交流会 2017

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The event is available to students graduating in 2016 and 2017 from the GW4 Universities – Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter.


The venues for 2017 are: 2017年交流会场地:


Hilton Shanghai

No. 250 Hua Shan Road

Shangai, 200040, China

Monday 11 September 2017,

GW4 Careers Fair Guide 2017 – Shanghai









Hilton ShenshenFutian

Tower B, Great China International Finance Centre

1003 Shennan Road

Shenzhen, 518000, China

Thursday 14 September 2017,

GW4 Careers Fair Guide 2017 – Shenzhen









2017深圳 GW4人才交流会指南

If you have any enquiries about booking your place, please contact Tracey Wells at

Employers are invited to promote their job and internship opportunities at the Fair. Space is limited to 30 employers in Shanghai and 25 in Shenzhen who will be allocated a table and space to accommodate a small pop‐up exhibition stand.

Employers are booking their spaces.  To give you an idea of who you will meet Decathlon, GKN China, Nielsen, Unilever, IBM, Abercrombie and Fitch, Expedia, Fiat Chrysler Group and H&M are booked in for Shanghai.  At Shenzhen you will meet PwC, Mars, Decathlon, Bloomberg, Nielsen, and Abercrombie and Fitch.  This is not the final list as spaces are still being filled so we will keep you updated over the next few weeks.

Last year, the event held at the prestigious Peace Hotel, attracted employers and exhibitors such as Abercrombie and Fitch, ACCA, Apple, Bloomberg, Decathlon, GE and IBM amongst many others.

We expect to attract approximately 800-1000 finalists and recent graduates at each event from our 4 top-tier UK universities. Over 1,000 finalist and graduates are registered so far with numbers rising. These high-calibre students and graduates will have benefited highly from their education in the UK, and will bring a wide variety of skills and experiences to your organisation, as well as excellent English language skills.

In order to continue the growth in student and graduate attendees and [to ensure the?] continued success of the event there is a small registration fee of £170 each for both the Shanghai and Beijing fairs. Bookings will be secured on a first-come-first served basis, and are limited to 25 employers at each event to ensure maximum exposure for participating companies.

This year we will be working with a China-based agent who will handle the event fees and issue official Government fapiaos to employers.

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The IBM representative, who attended last year, commented…

“My congratulations to your team on a terrific careers event in Shanghai. We are delighted to meet so many young graduates from the GW4 universities and are especially happy to receive a number of good CV profiles from such high quality candidates.”
Horst Gallo, Vice President HR Greater China Group

You can view the 2016 GW4 Guide to Careers Fair – Shanghai as a sample of what you can expect in 2017.

关于预订展位资询,请联系 Tracey Wells

雇主受邀可以在交流会上推广工作和实习机会。每家雇主会分到一个有一张桌子和空间的临时小展位,名额有限, 上海30个,深圳25个。

雇主正在预订他们的展位。迪卡侬, GKN 中国区, Nielsen, Unilever, IBM, 亚伯克朗比及费区公司(A&F), Expedia, Fiat Chrysler 集团及 H&M 这样的国际大企业在上海有预订展位。在深圳, PwC, Mars, 迪卡侬, Nielsen, 及亚伯克朗比及费区公司(A&F) 会有出席。这不是最终名单,我们将在接下来的几个星期内继续更新出席雇主名单。

去年的交流会在著名的和平饭店举行,吸引了包括亚伯克朗比及费区公司 (A&F),特许公认会计师公会, 苹果,彭博,迪卡侬,GE 和IBM这样的国际大企业。






“祝贺你们团队的人才交流会在上海取得巨大成功。我们荣幸地接触到大批GW4大学的年轻毕业生。我们特别高兴能收到多份优秀毕业生的个人简历。”-  霍斯特·加洛,大中华集团人力资源副总裁

你可在此找到2016年上海GW4人才交流会指南 ,从中了解2017的活动内容。