Methods for Reproducible Science Workshop

Methods for Reproducible Science Workshop


7 Jul, 2017


Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre, Maindy Road, CF244HQ Get Directions



No researcher is too junior to fix science: this one-day training event is about “Reproducible Science” and how we can make our science more robust and replicable.

Many scientific disciplines including Cancer research, Genetics and Psychology currently face the so-called Replication Crisis: independent research groups fail to replicate a significant amount of previously published work.

This one-day training event is dedicated to the topic “reproducible science” and how we can make science more robust and replicable. The programme has been developed through conversations with experts in reproducible science who will provide theoretical background and demonstrate practical solutions.


Topics of preregistration, good data and code sharing practices, fallibility in science and statistical power will be covered. The training will be relevant to GW4 PhD students across disciplines that involve quantitative data analysis, including biomedical research, psychology, public health and related fields. More information will be provided on our website.

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This is a free GW4 Doctoral Student Training Scheme event and GW4 PGRs are eligible to attend.

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