Workshop on data formats and tools

Workshop on data formats and tools


14 Jun, 2016 – 15 Jun, 2016


University of Bath Get Directions


When starting a new project, it can be easier to stick with the tools and file formats we know rather than adding something else to the pile of things to learn or indeed creating a risk to the project by choosing to use an untried or unfamiliar approach.  What reduces that risk is recommendation from someone who’s done it and got first hand experience of the pros and cons.

The second DM4T workshop on data formats and tools will allow participants to report on experiences with “next level” formats and tools applied to the energy research domain, with the overall goal of enabling the delivery of accessible data legacies.  Topics on the agenda include: RDF, Mongo, HDF5, JSON, XML DTDs, Matlab, R and Python. Two keynote talks will address bigger picture issues: Rufus Pollock (Open Knowledge Foundation) will talk about building capacity in understanding information, sharing, finding and using data, across the population and the world and the need for the right tools (technical, legal, and educational) to make working with data easier and more effective. Alex Ball (University of Bath) will talk about metadata, why it’s important, how to create it, how to connect with existing ontologies and what practical steps TEDDINET researchers (in particular) can take to go about the construction of the appropriate metadata for their project.

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