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Why Collaborate? The challenges and rewards of collaboration

Collaboration is increasingly important in conducting research in higher education. Many funding bodies require it in research grant applications, universities themselves encourage collaborative research projects, but most importantly it is by forging genuine collaborative relationships that you can enrich your own research and ensure that academia remains both relevant and at the forefront of change in the world.

benefitNevertheless, collaboration can be challenging. It is important to be strategic about who you collaborate with. Collaborative relationships are built on trust and understanding. Those relationships must be nurtured, but the results can be spectacular in terms of both the co-production of knowledge and the enrichment of the process of research.

The following thought provoking presentations consider collaboration from a number of different perspectives, and offer specific advice and reflection in three main areas:

  • The Benefits of Collaboration
  • The Challenges of Collaboration
  • Collaboration in Practice

The presentations are available as a YouTube playlist. To navigate between the different videos, you can access a dropdown menu from the top left hand corner, or alternatively scroll between the videos via the next and previous buttons at the bottom.

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