Why collaborate?

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Why collaborate? The joys of collaborative research

lorna harries 3Before you embark on research collaboration you should think carefully about why collaborating will be worthwhile for you. Here are some of the reasons our academics have told us they value collaboration:

  • Developing a wide network of fellow academics.
  • You can often accomplish things in groups that you can’t do alone!
  • Collaboration widens your horizons to new things you wouldn’t otherwise find: techniques and opportunities.
  • Collaboration is where the innovation is: a new question or a new technique for an old question.prof gareth price
  • Grants and industrial funding that would not have been possible (or even thought of) without collaboration.
  • Collaboration opens up a circle of colleagues that you wouldn’t otherwise have known.
  • Seeing how other people work: taking the best bits (new ideas, good strategies) to help with project and people management, and managing money and funders.
  • New lines and methods of dissemination, new audiences and users, exposure to high profile researchers.
  • Collaborating develops project management skills and highlights the importance of project management techniques.
  • It’s fun!!