Centre for Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility (CGSR)

Initiator Fund

Project period: May to August 2015

GW4 community leads

University of Bath: Ian Tonks
University of Bristol: Paula Hill
Cardiff University: Jason Xiao
University of Exeter: Rajesh Tharyan

Project overview

Our aim is to establish a world-leading multi-disciplinary research centre, The Centre for Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility (CGSR) across the Alliance.

The mission of CGSR will be to investigate, analyse and recommend appropriate governance structures for private sector corporations, public sector institutions and third sector organisations. This is to ensure effective leadership and efficient management of resources but tempered by the obligations of social responsibility in a global environment.

Societal responsibilities of corporations and organisations are considered an integral part of corporate governance. Yet most prior research focuses on the alignment of the interests of managers and shareholders. CGSR will provide a forum for the holistic analysis of corporate governance. We will recognise the responsibility of corporations to stakeholders and society, and recommend the development of an appropriate regulatory framework which recognises this.

Intended outcomes include identifying key research themes on which CGSR would focus and exploring opportunities for collaboration with corporate, government and non-governmental organisations.