Data Intensive Research


Project period: January 2017 – June 2017

GW4 community leads
University of Bath: Professor Jonathan Dawes, Professor Mike Tipping
University of Bristol: Professor William Browne, Professor Dave Cliff
Cardiff University: Professor Stephen Fairhurst, Dr Jonathan Gillard
University of Exeter: Professor Susan Banducci, Professor Richard Everson

Project overview

Developing capacity for research and development in data science is a major national priority. The clearest evidence for this was the announcement in the March 2014 UK Budget speech of £42M funding for the establishment of the national Alan Turing Institute (ATI). Despite none of GW4 universities becoming part of ATI, each has well-established research strengths in many aspects of data science and is in the process of establishing their own research institute in data science and related topics:

Bristol has recently set up the Jean Golding Institute for Data Intensive Research (led by Browne); Cardiff has set up the Data Innovation Research Institute (led by Fairhurst), Exeter is developing the Data Science Institute (led by Everson) and Bath has a slightly more established institute, the Bath Institute for Mathematical Innovation (led by Dawes with Tipping hired as a chair in data science).

Data intensive research underpins many aspects of digital innovation and the recent South West England and South East Wales Science and Innovation Audit (SIA) highlighted the strengths both within GW4 and the wider community in this area. With the SIA as a springboard we would like to build on this to increase region wide coordination, communication, and cooperation of data science researchers and practitioners.