GW4 Consortium: Analysis of Intensively Collected Health Data

Initiator Fund

Project period: September 2015 – January 2016

GW4 community leads
University of Bath:
Dr Nicole Augustin
University of Bristol: Professor Kate Tilling
Cardiff University: Professor Kerry Hood
University of Exeter: Professor William Henley

Project overview

Intensive data collection is made increasingly possible by technological innovation, including ‘apps’ on smartphones. However, the amount of data collected is far outstripping the ability of researchers to analyse such data. Intensively-collected data could help people to better manage their own health, and allow us to really move into the era of personalised medicine.

We will build a GW4 community of statisticians, mathematicians, data scientists and epidemiologists who are developing and applying methods for analysing intensively collected data. This innovative collaboration will bring together methodologists with those developing health sensors, and end users of the complex data, both within and beyond healthcare.

By building a community across institutions and including diverse areas of application, we will enable development and dissemination of new methods, implementation of best practice and sharing of datasets.