Modern British History and Politics

Initiator and Accelerator Fund

Project period: October 2014 – January 2015 (Initiator), May to November 2015 (Accelerator)

GW4 Community Leads
University of Bath: David Cutts, David Moon
University of Bristol: Mark Wickham-Jones, Hugh Pemberton, Sarah Childs
Cardiff University: Peter Dorey, Stephen Thornton
University of Exeter: David Thackeray, Richard Toye

Project overview

Our aim is to develop and strengthen our scholarly activities as a research cluster offering innovative and significant projects, with a distinct commitment to a cross-disciplinary approach.

Working around the broad field of political engagement and disengagement, the group has identified a number of important areas for potential future research. These themes are:

  • Political engagement and parties
  • Engagement, gender and political participation
  • Political engagement and voting

We will undertake pathfinding research and explore research funding possibilities in our three main thematic areas. A major bid will be produced for each theme, along with our oral history collaboration with History of Parliament.

Seminars, conferences and business meetings will bring together participants from the different GW4 institutions, and will also provide an opportunity to develop existing links with outside partner organisations such as History & Policy and the History of Parliament. Developing international collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin through the pilot study of presidential libraries provides significant opportunities to develop the profile of this research group over the longer-term.