Transnational transformations in social protection: concepts, instruments and contexts


Project period: September 2017 – December 2018

GW4 community leads
University of Bath: Dr Rana Jawad
University of Bristol: Dr David Gordon
Cardiff University: Dr Rod Hick
University of Exeter: Dr Paul Cloke

Project overview

Our community aims to conduct world-leading research on social protection in both the Global North and South. We adopt the ILO’s definition of social protection as comprising income security across the life-course and in relation to specific contingencies, such as unemployment, and access to healthcare.

We will advance scholarship and policy learning by harnessing complementary strengths from across the GW4 institutions; and by identifying gaps in the academic literature, which has lagged behind developments in policy and practice over the past decade. Our community has clear relevance for GCRF funding streams and members of our community have been awarded funding under this scheme to-date.

Our aim is for the investment of the Accelerator award to lead to applications for funding totalling £750,000 within one year of the award. While the Accelerator funding is for six months, it is necessary to be selective about appropriate funding streams, and this may require a slightly longer time-frame, and being more flexible in response to particular calls as-and-when they arise.

An Accelerator award would provide a step-change for our community, and will leave a legacy of ongoing collaboration across the GW4 institutions in the area of social protection in the years to come.