Rhetoric and practices of green recovery in UK cities and New Drugs to Tackle AMR

November 15, 2022

Hear from two Cardiff University academics talk more about their GW4 research and innovation communities and how the GW4 Generator Fund benefited their research projects.

Dr David Shackleton (Cardiff University) PI of the Rhetoric and practices of green recovery in UK cities research and innovation community said: “If you do get onto the scheme, you get fantastic support from GW4 that spans everything from communications, to advice on meeting people who might want to work with you, whether that’s academics or people outside of that. I think the training and support that comes with the award is one of the main reasons to apply.”

Dr Michaela Serpi (Cardiff University) PI of the New Drugs to Tackle AMR research community said: “This project definitely required multidisciplinary expertise and the GW4 Generator Fund enabled us to build a network of collaborators. We gained some preliminary results identifying a novel compound and were able to submit a publication and apply for more grants.”

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