GW4 AVARICE Funding and Publications

Project funding:

SeaClean: Converting problematic marine pollutants (plastics and harmful algae) into useful products. The Roddenberry Foundation, Jun 17 – Mar 18; $15,000.

Aqua-guardian – Low cost ROVs for coastal surveying of environmental damage and pollution. Cabot Institute Innovation Fund, Nov 16– Mar 17; £4,000.

EcoViaBio, NERC, Mar 16- Apr 16; £14,694.

Vietnamese Algal Waste Biorefinery (VIA-BIO project), Bath University Internal GCRF funding, EPSRC, Aug 16 – Feb 17; £32,657

Remediation and valorisation of Vietnamese industrial waste streams via algal growth. Newton Fund, RAEng, Jan 15 – Aug 15, £17,932

Production of a bespoke Atomic Force Microscope developed at Bristol University for PML’s Single Cell Genomics Facility. Bristol Nanodynamics; £175,000.

Extracting mercury from industrial waste using microalgae. Metals In Biology NIBB,  BBSRC,  Nov 15 – Apr 16; £5,000.


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