Health-related Behaviour Change Interventions

Initiator Fund

Project period: May – July 2014

GW4 Community Leads
University of Bath: Fiona Gillison, Afroditi Stathi, Julie Barnett
University of Bristol: Anne Haase, Simon Sebire, Russ Jago
Cardiff University: Sharon Simpson, Graham Moore
University of Exeter: Jane R Smith, Charles Abraham, Colin Greaves

Project outcomes
Multi-level interventions that generate lasting and widespread behaviour change are crucial for addressing growing public health concerns, such as obesity, and for enhancing population health and well-being. Recent policy, public health and methodological guidance documents identify the need for more robust, evidence- and theory-based development and comprehensive mixed-methods evaluations to enhance the underpinnings of such behaviour change interventions.

This project has developed stronger and wider multi-disciplinary links between individuals and departments/groups involved in health-related behaviour change. There is now a greater awareness of current work, expertise, potential future research areas and funding opportunities.

Four key areas of research have been identified which future collaborative activities can initially focus (proposal for a large scale weight loss intervention trial, e-health interventions, secondary analysis of existing datasets, process evaluation).

A symposium on process evaluation at the UK Society for Behavioural Medicine conference showcased GW4 expertise in this area to coincide with the launch of new MRC guidance.