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AMR Alliance (antimicrobial resistance)

More bacteria and fungi are becoming resistant to existing antimicrobials (antibiotics and antifungals), making antimicrobial resistance (AMR) one of the greatest emerging threats to human health.

The GW4 AMR Alliance aims to tackle this global challenge with an interdisciplinary ‘One Health’ approach and unparalleled expertise.

AMR is a complex problem that affects all of society and is driven by many interconnected factors. Antimicrobial-resistant microbes are found in people, animals, food, and the environment (in water, soil and air). They can spread between people and animals and from person to person.

It’s an interconnected challenge that needs an interconnected approach to solve it.

‘One Health’ is a framework to design and implement programmes, policies, legislation and research with multiple sectors working together to improve health outcomes for humans and animals, particularly by considering the impact of the environment.

As an Alliance, we aim to:

  •     Deliver world-leading research addressing key knowledge gaps.
  •     Transform strategies to tackle AMR, using cross-institutional, interdisciplinary research with maximum impact.
  •     Cultivate a research and training environment where the next generation of AMR researchers will flourish.

Find out more on the GW4 AMR Alliance website

University of Bath
University of Bristol
Cardiff University
University of Exeter