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Climate Alliance

Our alliances


Thanks to our collective research expertise, we can discover potential solutions to the most urgent and complex challenges and crises facing the world today.

The GW4 alliances bring together our knowledge, insight and world class facilities – along with those of other organisations in the region and beyond – to tackle the issues which now threaten our planet.


Climate Alliance


Climate change threatens every aspect of our world, with impacts ranging from social disruption and economic instability to environmental degradation.

The climate crisis is the largest enduring global, anthropogenic threat to humanity and the natural environment, with weather extremes becoming more frequent and intense as global temperatures rise.

The GW4 Climate Alliance is uniquely placed to address the global challenge of climate change, due to both our regional ‘ecosystem’ and the critical mass of expertise across our universities.

As an Alliance, we combine this academic excellence with industry and major organisations like the Met Office to develop innovative climate solutions, shape policy and practice and contribute to positive and equitable social change.


As an Alliance, we aim to:

  • Connect practitioners, industry, policymakers, and the public with researchers, and influence social change through long-term partnerships.
  • Champion and show transformative solutions to the climate crisis, using universities as ‘living labs’ and developing regional ‘testbeds’ with partners to stimulate wider and deeper change.
  • Unite and develop GW4 climate expertise by building a cohesive interdisciplinary community and supporting climate research leaders of the future.


Find out more on the GW4 Climate Alliance website

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