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GW4 Animal Replacement Network

The GW4 Animal Replacement Network is a network led by early career researchers aimed at consolidating expertise from GW4 institutions in the realm of animal replacement technologies. The network brings together researchers from various disciplines spanning health and life sciences as well as engineering, computing and AI.

The aim of this GW4 community is to establish a dedicated network geared towards advancing animal replacement technologies. Leveraging the research strengths and opportunities within the GW4 consortium, the network aims to promote the widespread adoption of animal replacement technologies across various domains, including tissue engineering, in-vitro modelling, stem cells and regenerative medicine, mathematical modelling, organ-on-a-chip, 3D cell culture, and 3D bioprinting, among others.

Drawing upon the collective wealth of expertise and resources spanning diverse fields and institutions, the network seeks to cultivate collaborations and drive innovation to propel the advancement of animal replacement technologies, thereby enhancing their impact both locally within GW4 and beyond. By uniting under this common goal, the network aspires to expedite progress towards more humane and scientifically rigorous research practices.

As part of this network, members will convene a one-day launch symposium, bringing together researchers from diverse backgrounds to exchange knowledge, showcase research findings, and foster collaborative ventures. This event will specifically spotlight the research expertise of early career researchers, providing them with avenues for collaboration and networking opportunities. Additionally, the network will establish a centralised web-based platform for GW4 researchers to disseminate expertise, share resources, and research updates related to animal replacement technologies.

Network members:

  • Asme Boussahel (Bristol)
  • David Coe (Bristol)
  • Ivette Hernandez Negrete (Bristol)
  • Stephanie Burnell (Cardiff)
  • Naledi Formosa (Cardiff)
  • Hazel Hall-Roberts (Cardiff)
  • Chloe Harris (Cardiff)
  • Sian Morgan (Cardiff)
  • Kierney O’Dare (Cardiff)

For more information please email:

University of Bath
University of Bristol
Cardiff University
University of Exeter