Prototypical Iterations in the Built Environment

Accelerator Fund

This project has been developed from the Initiator funded Flexible Formwork community.

Project period: May to November 2015

GW4 community leads

University of Bath: Dr John Orr
University of Bristol: Dr Wendel Sebastian
Cardiff University: Dr Iulia Mihai
University of Exeter: Dr Prakash Kripakaran

Project overview


By 2050 all new structures will be prototypical iterations; harnessing big data to be self-resilient while minimising whole life environmental, economic, and social costs.

This community has the long-term vision to change the way that all structures are designed and operated within the built environment. This is crucial if we are to achieve global sustainability in the face of a growing population and increasing urbanisation.

All buildings use materials, and energy, to perform their functions. A decarbonised built environment will be founded on several challenges. Whilst these are interlinked challenges, research to date has typically considered them isolation. This community will take a systems approach to achieve the overarching aims of our vision statement.

We aim to strengthen collaborations across this community and develop three new research proposals. These proposals will share the vision that by 2050 every new structure will be designed and measured in terms of whole life cost – consuming minimal energy during construction and operation.