Building a highly skilled workforce

We are attracting the world’s brightest and best researchers to the Great West region, improving productivity and strengthening industry and academia alike.

Through GW4, PhD students access four of the most research-intensive and innovative universities in the UK, benefiting from:

We work with over 420 non-academic partners to deliver doctoral training with real-world impact.

Our partners include global businesses (Boeing, Arup, Google), research companies (Rothamsted, CEH, DSTL), government bodies (Met Office, GCHQ, NHS, NASA) and third sector organisations (English Heritage, BBC, British Library).

GW4 leads over 30 externally-funded doctoral training programmes, enabling doctoral students to work with supervisors across different universities and be part of a globally-competitive, interdisciplinary cohort of researchers.

We offer studentships that tackle major industrial strategy themes and global challenges, from catalysis and microelectronics to water security and climate change.

Our expertise is not confined to science and technology – we also host studentships that strengthen our region’s world-renowned arts, heritage and cultural sectors.

GW4’s PhD students network with senior academics across the South West England and South East Wales region to develop research that truly competes on the world stage.