About GW4

Innovation and research excellence

The GW4 Alliance was set up in 2013 to enable the universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter to work together to translate research into real-world applications and to stimulate growth.

The Alliance places the four research-intensive universities at the leading edge of innovation by promoting interdisciplinary research across a wide pool of academics, reaching far beyond what any one university could do.

By building on existing collaborations and by fostering new engagements, GW4 universities work together across all academic activity, opening up growing opportunities to collaborate in common areas of shared facilities, learning, training and development.

Facts & Figures

fact1All four universities are in the top 1 per cent of institutions in the world.

GW4 universities are home to 23 UK Research Council postgraduate research partnerships.

fact3In all, 22,000 postgraduates, both taught and research, study at GW4 universities and over 8,000 academics work in them.

As academics from across the GW4 collaborate the Alliance is taking shape and going in new and fascinating directions. From medieval historians to environmental scientists, from the study of bio- and bio-mimetic materials to the impact of offshore windfarms, new and collaborative work is emerging and powering innovation in the South West and Wales.

Professor Colin Riordan,

Vice-Chancellor at Cardiff University and Chair of the GW4 Council.