Developing our staff

Developing our Staff

We provide development opportunities which enhance our researchers’ potential. Our training, resources, and secondment opportunities help to develop GW4 research communities into lasting partnerships.


We have developed a framework for academic secondments across the Alliance. For details, contact your Human Resources department.

Mike Gulliver (GW4 Developing People Officer)
Pam Lock (GW4 Developing People Officer)
Gonzalo Velasco Berenguer (Administrative Assistant)
Emily Derbyshire (Administrative Assistant)
Email: Tel: 0117 33 17815


The GW4 Alliance brings added value to the four universities. We are attracting the academic leaders of the future to the region and securing national and international impact and recognition for their work.

Professor Guy Orpen,

Deputy Vice Chancellor at the University of Bristol and Chair of the GW4 Alliance Board