GW4 Crucible

About GW4 Crucible

Crucible, as its name suggests, provides a ‘melting pot’ for 30 future research leaders from different backgrounds to come together and explore interdisciplinary approaches to research through a series of interactive workshops, talks and activities.

Our participants work together to explore the benefits and challenges of interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaborations as well as collaborations with external partners such as government, media and the public. At every lab, they also get to hear from and socialise with expert guest speakers, enhancing their professional networks and visibility.

Crucible is an unparalleled opportunity for researchers to consider new approaches to their research and its impact, to enhance their leadership potential and career development, and to network with peers and experts from across GW4 and beyond.

It provides the following benefits to participants:

  • Enhanced ability to think creatively and innovatively about your approach to your research
  • Visibility amongst a range of connected, thought provoking and influential people, including senior research and policy leaders in the GW4 institutions and beyond.
  • Increased understanding of how your research interacts with society through media, public engagement and policy making and how this may impact your work.
  • An understanding of your own personal impact and effectiveness, and how to use your skills to best suit your career aspirations and organisation.


The programme takes the form of four residential two-day intensive ‘labs’ from January to May 2018 across South Wales and the South West. The programme culminates with dedicated time and space for participants to develop and write collaborative research proposals with their fellow Cruciblees.

This year’s GW4 Crucible will focus on the theme of ‘Resilience, Environment, and Sustainability’. As one of the five key areas of the GW4 vision, Cruciblees will make a real-world contribution to the greater understanding of these subjects, and to co-creating and delivering innovative and cross-disciplinary solutions to the global challenges in this area.


Lab 1:    31st Jan – 1 Feb 2018, Padbrook Park, Devon
Lab 2:    28 Feb – 1 Mar 2018, Bailbrook House, Bath
Lab 3:    17 – 18 April 2018, New House Country Hotel, Cardiff
Lab 4:    30 – 31st May 2018, Bristol