Cognitive Bias Modification (CBM)

Initiator Fund

Project period: May – July 2014

GW4 Community Leads
University of Bath: Sally Adams
University of Bristol: Ian Penton-Voak
Cardiff University: Chris Chambers
University of Exeter:  Anna Adlam

Project outcomes
Many psychological disorders are associated with cognitive biases: depressed individuals, for example, interpret social information negatively, while anxiety is associated with an attentional bias toward threats. Such biases play a role in vulnerability to, and maintenance of, mental health problems.

Cognitive Bias Modification (CBM) is the process of changing biases, most commonly using automated computerised training techniques. These novel therapies shows that biases can be successfully altered, and some research indicates positive effects on real world behavioural outcomes.

This project has established a GW4 CBM community that was able to share knowledge, understand existing links and the extent of complementary expertise. Five small-scale research projects demonstrated common ground in task design and underlying theoretical developments. Future work and development of joint funding applications have been identified.