Functional Materials Far from Equilibrium

Initiator Fund

This project has been awarded Accelerator funding for the Controlling nucleation & growth to deliver novel materials functionality community.

Project period: October 2014 – January 2015

GW4 Community Leads
University of Bath: Johannes Zimmer, Chris Bowen
University of Bristol: Isaac Chenchiah
Cardiff University: Nicolas Dirr
University of Exeter: David Wright

Project outcomes

  • Established new cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional contacts from a wide range of departments (Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics) at all GW4 universities
  • Mutual visits and collaborations (for example Bath-Bristol Engineering; in particular it initiated a collaboration between Cardiff Chemistry and Bath Mathematics between researchers who had not met before)
  • Facilitated new international collaborations (Exeter and facilitator Reina)
  • Led to a joint publication acknowledging GW4 funding (PI Zimmer and facilitator Reina; submitted and pending revision)
  • Group have applied for an Accelerator funding
  • A subset of the people involved in this project are currently preparing a bid for the EPSRC