GW4 Alliance brings together four of the most research-intensive and innovative universities in the UK: Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter.

Delivering globally competitive research and innovation together

We identify areas of complementary expertise across our universities to develop research communities at scale which address major global and industrial challenges. Our collaborative research and innovation recognises and builds on our region’s strengths in aerospace and advanced engineering; new energy systems; next generation microelectronics; resilience, environment and sustainability; creative and cultural economy; living well and digital innovation.

Our investment of £2.9m in 95 collaborative research communities has generated over £41m in research income. This means that for every £1 GW4 spends on collaborative research communities, we capture over £14 in external research awards.

Building a highly skilled workforce through doctoral training

We are attracting the world’s brightest and best researchers to the Great West region, improving productivity and strengthening industry and academia alike. GW4 universities leads on over 30 externally funded doctoral training programmes and are home to almost 9000 postgraduate researchers, over a third of which are international students.

Flagship equipment and facilities that drive scientific discovery

We believe that shared access to cutting-edge equipment and facilities can bring about scientific discoveries that improve lives. We are developing flagship centres of research excellence that put the Great West on the map and catalyse collaboration between GW4 researchers and beyond.

Making the connections that matter for the Great West, the UK and the rest of the world

We engage with decision makers and industry leaders to champion research and innovation for our region.  We provide an expert platform to debate and shape the Great West and respond to major policy developments.

GW4 Vision

Find out more about how we plan to develop pioneering, collaborative endeavours to drive innovation and economic growth across the Great West region until 2025.  Explore the GW4 Vision.