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A Pathway To Net Zero For Road and Rail


Pathway to Net Zero for Road and Rail multidisciplinary network builds upon the necessity for a holistic view to address challenges to achieve decarbonised, resilient, and sustainable mobility.

Net Zero for Road and Rail accelerator vision is a re-envisioning of mobility systems that no longer rely only on physical movement of people and products, but rather identifies where and how this can be replaced by digital connectivity.

The proposed activities will explore how new Net Zero travel and transport concepts can improve local and regional connectivity, supporting people and local businesses, and promoting more sustainable consumption and economic practices.


Project summary

The community used the Generator funding to build a network of researchers and stakeholders interested in building a road and rail ecosystem, focused on the overall vision to

  • Build future of transport and mobility to enable the movement of people and goods through a net zero, resilient, digital, connected, accessible and inclusive system, creating opportunities, promoting innovation and sustainable development.
  • Reducing inequalities at local, regional, and national levels.

A series of workshops enabled this group to share perspectives and knowledge, gain skills, co-identify challenges and start thinking about co-creating solutions. Each workshop had different goals and focus, which evolved into specific working groups and clusters for different bids. Several bids have been submitted or are in progress and the community continue to contribute to the GW4 Sustainable Net Zero Strategic Priority area.

University of Bath
University of Bristol
Cardiff University
University of Exeter