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All-solid-state lithium-ion batteries with cellulose enhanced solid polymer electrolytes (ALLIANCE)


Lithium-ion batteries will continue to play a vital role to promote the widespread use of electric vehicles and portable electronic devices and are contributing towards the UK’s 2035 net zero electricity target, of which, all-solid-state LIBs with solid electrolyte are expected to provide better safety and improved power and energy performance. 

The innovation output of ALLIANCE will contribute to the battery research community with new insight into mechanistic studies and material synthesis and help secure the long-term growth of the UK’s EV and energy storage industry. 


Project Summary

Through this project, we aim to forge a robust research network focusing on exploration of cutting-edge battery materials across the GW4 universities; establish a foundation leading to external funding applications and highquality collaborative publication; create opportunities for local industry partners, early career researchers, and PhD students to exchange knowledge and share experience. These objectives will be realized through the organization of consortium meetings, workshops, seminars, and participation in external conferences. 

University of Bath
University of Bristol
Cardiff University
University of Exeter