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Diversity and Human Capital Workshop: Wellbeing

Despite improvements in the average wellbeing levels, the most vulnerable are being continuously left behind in many domains both in the developed and developing world. The community will organise a workshop in June 2024, which will illuminate some of our society’s most fundamental questions, for instance: (1) what are the determinants of mental and physical health?; (2) how can investments in education and children’s development affect their well-being?; (3) what are the impacts of gendered and intimate partner violence on wellbeing within families?, and (4) what are the labour market disparities that affect the most vulnerable populations, including economically disadvantaged groups, ethnic and religious minorities, etc.? The community has partnered with UK-based Economics of Diversity, Gender and Equality (EDGE) network: this June workshop will double as the EDGE Annual Workshop for 2024.

University of Bath
University of Bristol
Cardiff University
University of Exeter