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Exposure and environmental engagement: A pilot integrating wearable sensors, air quality and citizen science (EXPO-ENGAGE)

EXPO-ENGAGE will conduct pilot interdisciplinary research across GW4 on the impact of participation in air quality citizen science on environmental engagement. This is anticipated to provide a basis for further collaborative bids around air pollution, citizen science and environmental engagement.

The UK is falling short of its Net Zero 2050 target. Although increasingly apparent, climate change impacts are often perceived distant in time and space. Emission sources which contribute to climate change e.g. traffic also produce air pollution, the impacts of which are felt more immediately and are a key public health risk. Citizen engagement and empowerment can drive change, particularly around issues with considerable spatial variation like air pollution. Air quality could therefore act as a “gateway” to engagement with environmental issues.

This research will provide a springboard into personal air pollution research using citizen science and the impact of citizen science on civil society and environmental behaviours and beliefs.

University of Bath
University of Bristol
Cardiff University
University of Exeter