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GW4 Biopsychosocial Pain Network (BPN)


Psychological and societal factors are central to the development and treatment of chronic pain, but how these factors affect the nervous system to produce changes in thought, mood and sensation is poorly understood. Our ECRled Biopsychosocial Pain Network (BPN) has expertise in psychology, pain management, experimental medicine, animal neurobiology and data science and is ideally positioned through collaboration to generate new understanding of this complex neurobiology. We will create a common language whilst deepening our understanding of each other’s methodology to form an internationally competitive GW4 team well positioned to apply for UKRI and other funding calls to improve pain treatments. 


Project Summary

For the duration of this project core BPN members will conduct lab visits to each institute followed by a sandpit event. The sandpit event will provide the foundation from which to apply for external funding to support the networks immediate and medium-to-longer term objectives. This will be followed by a writing retreat to allow focused, protected time for the core group to come together and write a proposal. 

Expected outcomes include:

  • Provide the foundation for a new and unique group of ECR pain researchers across the GW4 community. 
  • Development of grant applications for further funding. 
  • Provide a deeper understanding of terminology, methods and models used across disciplines. 
University of Bath
University of Bristol
Cardiff University
University of Exeter