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GW4 Men’s Mental Health Research Network

Project Summary

The network will use the Development Award to perform a scoping review of existing mental health engagement strategies and services for men. Following this, the network will conduct interviews and focus groups with men affected by mental health concerns and their support networks (informal and formal services). This will allow the network to explore:

  1. How are men being engaged about mental health?
  2. How can we better engage men about mental health?
  3. How should we study men’s mental health?

The network will bring together experts working in clinical, social and health psychology with expertise in the social, cognitive and gender determinants of health and treatment adherence and outcomes and the policy implications and drivers behind health inequalities. It will also include several external partners and stakeholders. This multi-disciplinary approach will enable the network to provide the most inclusive examination of men’s mental health to-date, setting them up to lead on future collaborative projects in this space.

University of Bath
University of Bristol
Cardiff University
University of Exeter