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GW4 Neurodevelopmental Neurodiversity Network

Project summary

The Neurodevelopmental Neurodiversity Network reaches over 200 academics and non-academic stakeholders, including charities, employers and neurodivergent adults.

The community used the Generator funds to develop a website to promote the project and resources. With RA support, the community have applied for several large grants and collaborative PhD studentships to help sustain the research and have multiple collaborative papers in progress and published. A public lecture held for Autism Awareness month attracted over 700 people; “What is Neurodiversity, Really?” can be viewed here and is a useful resource for non-academic stakeholders. In addition, a crowdfunder campaign raised £1K, which will support co-production activities with neurodivergent people working towards a step-change in research on understanding and improving the lives of neurodivergent people. The community’s continued activities, including meetings, networking, grant applications and coordinating papers, are supported by an RA at Bath.

University of Bath
University of Bristol
Cardiff University
University of Exeter