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Queer Frontiers


Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer individuals currently experience wide-ranging discrimination and societal rejection. Whilst legislative progress has enabled equal marriage, adoption, and so on, the reality is that there are still many identities which are not protected appropriately and experience social discrimination. Similarly, due to ongoing rapid changes in the social world, new issues are rearing their heads, from the impact of COVID-19, to the impact of the cost of living crisis on already marginalised identities. 

 This community intends to draw together ECRs working on issues related to minoritized sexualities and genders. Through events engaging with multiple different stakeholders, we intend to bring together vested individuals to discuss what the next frontiers of queer knowledge will be. In doing so, we hope to chart exciting new areas for future study, as well as defining some methodological approaches that can most benefit the study of LGBTQ+ issues. 


Project Summary

We are intending to host a range of exciting events touching on themes we feel are important to LGBTQ+ scholarship at present. The range of events will also enable us to engage with different people outside of academic spaces to lead and guide us in what they feel would be instrumental to further research


  • Digital Queerness
  • Queer Methodologies
  • Queer Narratives
  • Queer Citizenship
  • End of Project Conference


Intended Outcomes:

  • Training workshop for academic institutions
  • Special edition journal
  • A journal article reporting on reflections from these events
  • Potential research collaborations and partners stemming from in-event conversations
University of Bath
University of Bristol
Cardiff University
University of Exeter