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The Evidence Information Service Promoting GW4 Research on Evidence-Based Policy

Project summary

The community initially brought together the GW4 core team to consult on the EIS during a GW4 Initiator Award (The Evidence Information Service: promoting GW4 research on evidence-based policy). With the Accelerator funding the community extended this consultation UK-wide, including Universities, Research Institutes and members of UK learned societies in a survey. The results of this survey were published in an academic article and as a non-academic report disseminated to stakeholders. An RA employed by the community completed several placements at stakeholders including the House of Commons Library and the National Assembly for Wales Research Service, in order to understand how these services respond to requests for information and to develop a model of how the EIS may practically work and the risks/challenges. The community have gone on to receive further external funding to support the development of the EIS.

University of Bath
University of Bristol
Cardiff University
University of Exeter