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The Resilience Games

This group will conduct an in-depth scoping study into existing games-in-use, accompanied by a concept development workshop with leading experts. This will inform an initial design of “The Resilience Games” (hereafter “The Games”) to engage future generations with the complex challenge of creating resilient societies. The objective of The Games will be to foster interactive learning and introduce children to multiple facets of resilience around a range of topics; including preparedness to natural hazards, water/food security and sustainable natural resource management. Additional funding will be sought to develop and transform The Games into a working prototype and final product, to serve as an interdisciplinary outreach tool under the shared ownership of GW4. Furthermore, there is considerable potential for The Games to be adapted for i) participatory resilience research as well as ii) practitioner-based education and decision support. Therefore, future opportunities for sustaining and extending collaboration through additional funding will also be explored.

University of Bath
University of Bristol
Cardiff University
University of Exeter