Conducting Creative Interviewing in Social Sciences

June 14, 2019

This GW4 funded student-led training event is one of the successful projects part of the GW4 Doctoral Student Training Scheme.

Interviews have a long history of use in the social sciences. But with the advancements which have taken place in relation to digital technologies and with emerging new social questions and much greater interdisciplinary collaboration in research, interview methods have changed. Many researchers now refer to the ‘creative interview’ as a method or approach which might help researchers engage with participants in different ways.

In order to learn from this ‘creative turn’ in research methodology, this one-day workshop on creative interviewing on 14th June in Exeter, for early stage GW4 PhD and EdD social science students, aims to share methodological expertise, knowledge and experience.

Funding to attend is available for GW4 PhD students travelling to Bath as part of the GW4 Travel Bursary.

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