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Time Series Analysis for Researchers

This is a hands-on workshop introducing time series analysis for researchers, that is, the study of data that has ‘time order’. Led by Dr Manuel Herrera from the University of Cambridge, this workshop will introduce the topic while demonstrating fundamental techniques that powers rigorous analyses for both quantitative and qualitative datasets in an accessible way, so that attendees can become familiar with the core concepts and key terminology.

Please note that this event is for PhD students currently enrolled at GW4 universities.

Applications are welcome across a broad range of research areas. During the workshop we will use Python and Jupyter notebooks (no need to bring your own laptop). No prior knowledge of the topic is required, but you will be expected to write commands to do calculations.

Funding to attend is available for GW4 PhD students travelling to Bath as part of the GW4 Travel Bursary.

Find out more and register.

University of Bath
University of Bristol
Cardiff University
University of Exeter