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Experiences of GW4 Crucible

To help articulate what participation in GW4 Crucible is like, what are its main aims and outcome, and what can result from joining the programme, we’ve asked past participants to write about their experiences. You can read their reflections below:


GW4 Crucible 2022: Building Back Better: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Mental Health and Wellbeing Research

  • Looking across disciplines
    Dr Josie Henley, Research Associate at The Centre for Trials Research, Cardiff University, provides their perspective on the interdisciplinary nature of GW4 Crucible and how it helps facilitate a shift away from academic silos.
  • Communal values and shared aspirations
    Dr Irene Salvo, Lecturer in Classics and Ancient History at the University of Exeter, recounts her experience with GW4 Crucible’s Masterclass Series and how that enabled her to engage with a variety of scholars, academics and mental health experts.

GW4 Crucible 2021: Transitions to Net-Zero in the Time of Covid-19

  • Experience of an online GW4 Crucible programme
    Environmental Planner and postdoctoral fellow at Cardiff University,  Dr Rebecca Windemer, explains the reasons why, despite being online, GW4 Crucible 2021 remained a huge success and an extremely rewarding experience.

GW4 Crucible 2020: Interdisciplinary Approaches to AMR

  • Benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration
    Postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Exeter, Dr Andrew Jones, explains the importance and benefits of an interdisciplinary approach to the GW4 Crucible research themes.
  • An invaluable experience for ECRs
    Postdoctoral researcher at Cardiff University, Dr Rebecca Weiser, shares her experiences and outlines her top three benefits of participating in the GW4 Crucible programme.
  • The magic of GW4 Crucible
    Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bristol, Dr Seána Duggan, explains the magic of GW4 Crucible and the benefits of collaborating with researchers from different disciplines.

GW4 Crucible 2019: Digital Innovation

  • From trepidation to triumph
    Research Associate at Cardiff University, Timothy Pickles, shares his experiences and insights of the GW4 2019 Crucible Programme.
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