We are facing a rise in the number of bacteria becoming resistant to existing antibiotics without an increase in new antibiotics or new treatments. The GW4 Crucible offers the opportunity for future research leaders to come together to generate innovative, multifaceted responses to address the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Tackling this global challenge requires interdisciplinary endeavours which harness the expertise of anthropologists through to zoologists.

Whilst AMR undoubtedly entails biological processes, the context which governs the action of these biological mechanisms is influenced by social, cultural, political, and economic processes. Biomedical and clinical expertise alone cannot tackle AMR and multidimensional approaches are needed to address the challenge. Crucible 2020 will foster conversations and collaborations between future research leaders across a broad range of disciplines. If you are a GW4 researcher with an interest in or expertise applicable to addressing AMR, we want to hear from you.

What is GW4 Crucible?

GW4 Crucible brings together 30 competitively selected future research leaders to explore how you can enhance your career by working with researchers in other disciplines, how your research can have greater impact, and how you can build your careers.

Over a series of three residential workshops, known as ‘labs’, you will explore working in an interdisciplinary and collaborative way, and will have the chance to connect with expert guest speakers, enhancing your professional networks and visibility.

GW4 Crucible provides an excellent opportunity for you to consider new approaches to your research and its impact, to enhance your leadership potential and career development, and to network with peers and experts from across GW4 and beyond.

The programme will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Enhanced ability to think creatively and innovatively about your approach to your research and its wider impact
  • Increased understanding of the impact of policy and other broader influences on your research and how you can impact on these through your research
  • Enhanced understanding of your own personal impact and effectiveness, and how to use your skills to further your career aspirations
  • Increased visibility amongst a range of connected, thought provoking and influential people, including senior research and policy leaders in the GW4 institutions and beyond
  • Opportunity to start building collaborations across disciplines and institutions.

Applications for GW4 Crucible 2020 are now closed. For more information please contact the GW4 Talent and Skills Team (