GW4 Crucible Seed projects 2017

Incubator Event: Longitudinal phenotypic and molecular profile of mental health trajectories in GW4 doctoral students


Project team

PI Therese Murphy (University of Exeter)

Co-Is: Diana Dos Santos Ferreira (University of Bristol), Pete Rouse (University of Bath) and Sarah Sullivan (University of Bristol)

Project Details

The research team held an Incubator Event on 30 November 2017 at the University of Exeter (UoE). The event was attended by representatives from: the UoE wellbeing services; the UoE Student Union Guild; and doctoral colleges at UoBr and UoE. Stakeholders provided feedback on the project and PhD students completed a ten-section questionnaire about their willingness to volunteer in the study, critical times of increased stress during their PhD and feedback on proposed phenotypic measurements.

As a result of the incubator event the group established a scientific committee for future grant proposals with all four members of the seed funding group, Doctoral College representations from UoBr and UoE, Mark Sawyer from Wellbeing Services at UoE and PhD students. The group is planning on applying for funding to further develop their research.