GW4WARD Collaboration Fund

We are launching a new scheme under the GW4WARD programme to support the development of technical staff across the partnership. We invite applications to the GW4WARD Collaboration Fund which is a small grants scheme of awards up to £500 designed to enable collaborative professional development activities across the GW4. 

Activities will involve technical staff from at least two GW4 universities, although we welcome applications that can maximise benefit for the broader community, and will enable the sharing of best practice, knowledge exchange in equipment, techniques or resources, or attendance of training events where knowledge gained will be used to upskill GW4 technical staff community. Examples may include, but are not limited to: joint workshops, training or development events including enabling training on equipment, work shadowing, visits, development of shared materials, and seminars or conference-style activity.  

There is no closing date – proposals can be submitted anytime.   

Applications will be assessed by the GW4 Technical Infrastructure and Knowledge Working Group (membership available on request) during scheduled meetings. The upcoming meetings will be held:  

  • 18 February 2022 
  • 8 April 2022 
  • 24 June 2022 

We request that you send your application at least a week in advance to ensure time for review. If we receive your application less than a week in advance, the WG reserves the right to delay review until the following meeting.  

If you are interested in applying to the GW4WARD Technical Staff Collaboration Fund, please complete this form.  

We encourage you to get in touch with the GW4 Talent and Skills team to discuss your idea before applying.  

This bursary applies to technical staff at all levels of the institution and across career stages and is a competitive process. We recognise the range of job titles and roles this encompasses, and we want to make sure we are inclusive to all. If you have a job title or role that is not obviously 100% technical, please make sure to elaborate on how your role aligns to the technical community under ‘Job title/role’.  

Eligibility and Further Details  

To be eligible, you and your co-applicant will be employed as technical staff at Bath, Bristol, Cardiff or Exeter University and be from different universities. Both applicants will be required to have the support of their Line Manager/PI to release them to engage with the development opportunity in full. The lead applicant will need to agree that all money will be spent within 6 months of the award or the funding will need to be returned to GW4.