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Arwain DGC wins Antibiotic Guardian 2022 Awards, supported by GW4 AMR Alliance researchers

Arwain DGC wins Antibiotic Guardian 2022 Awards, supported by GW4 AMR Alliance researchers

The ground-breaking work of the Welsh programme aimed at combating antibiotic resistance received accolades at the distinguished Antibiotic Guardian 2022 Shared Learning & Awards. GW4 AMR Alliance Steering Group members, Professor Kristen Reyher and Professor Matthew Avison, from the University of Bristol, are Prinicipal Investigators on the project with Dr Gwen Rees at Aberystwyth University and industry partners, exemplifying the power of collaboration across and between organisations and stakeholders in the fight against antimicrobial resistance.

Arwain DGC (Defnydd Gwrthficrobaidd Cyfrifol / Responsible Antimicrobial Use) is a pioneering initiative that assists vets, farmers, and horse owners in addressing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in animals and the environment in Wales by reducing the reliance on antibiotics. In partnership with key Welsh agricultural stakeholders, veterinary delivery partners, and academic institutions, the programme highlights the issue of AMR and promotes effective strategies through training, innovative technology, data gathering, and enhanced understanding.

The Antibiotic Guardian 2022 Awards celebrate organisations and individuals who have demonstrated remarkable achievements in tackling antimicrobial resistance at various levels.  Arwain DGC's exceptional work was named the overall winner in the 'Prescribing & Stewardship' category and received high commendation in the 'Community Communication' category at the Antibiotic Guardian 2022 Awards ceremony held on Tuesday, May 2nd. The programme was also shortlisted for the ‘Animal Health, Agriculture & Food Supply’ category.

AMR represents one of the greatest emerging threats to human health, with a rise in antimicrobial-resistant microbes affecting people, animals, food, and the environment. The global challenge of AMR requires urgent multisectoral action, and the GW4 AMR Alliance recognises the significance of a collaborative, long-term, interdisciplinary approach, known as 'One Health,' to combat this issue.

The GW4 AMR Alliance adopts the ‘One Health’ holistic research approach across four key areas to address AMR comprehensively:

  • Mitigating and managing infections in humans and animals.
  • Understanding the selection and transmission drivers of AMR.
  • Tackling AMR within the framework of sustainable development.
  • Reducing AMR, optimising treatment, and advancing discovery science.


Arwain DGC aligns closely with the Welsh Government's five-year AMR in Animals and the Environment Implementation Plan (2019 - 2024) and has received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities - Rural Development Programme 2014 - 2020, supported by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government. The GW4 AMR Alliance researcher's involvement underscores the importance of collaborative efforts and interdisciplinary research in combatting AMR on both national and global scales.

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