GW4 NEWSLETTER November 2020

November 30, 2020

Welcome to the GW4 Newsletter for November 2020: your regular digest of GW4 news, funding and development opportunities. To subscribe to the GW4 Newsletter click here.

GW4 Alliance Update:

I’m Dr Jane Khawaja, the new interim Director for the GW4 Alliance, and I’m delighted to have joined GW4. I look forward to working across the Alliance and with our partners to harness our collective strengths and advance research and innovation for the good of our region and beyond. I have already had the pleasure of meeting a number of colleagues across GW4, but I’d love to connect with more of you, so please do get in touch if we haven’t yet got a meeting scheduled.

Already, just in my first two weeks, I have witnessed the scale of GW4’s research strength and ambition, plus the breadth and depth of our activities. From hosting an Impact webinar with EPSRC, to supporting a diversity conference across the alliance, attending a GW4 libraries meeting, and developing our strategic alliances in Climate and Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). I look forward to working in all these areas and more over the coming months.

This month, I am pleased to announce the launch of our Generator Funding Awards. Now in their second year, they offer up to £20,000 to support new or existing research communities. I would encourage all collaborative research communities to apply to develop new ideas and deliver a step change in world-class research. I am also thrilled to see some of our existing communities secure external funding to further develop the research and ideas generated from their GW4 research community. Such developments help to explain GW4’s recent announcement that our return on investment in collaborative research communities is at its highest level since the GW4 Alliance was formally launched in 2014, capturing over £15 in external research awards for every £1 GW4 spends on collaborative research communities.

As part of our GW4 Early Career Symposia initiative, the two successful PGR and ECR teams have organised flagship symposia focusing on our priority research areas of Climate and AMR. I am looking forward to presenting at both events this week and if you haven’t already registered for your ticket, I recommend following the action on their twitter accounts: @GW4_AMR_2020 and @GW4Climate_2020.