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New funding announced supporting technical staff across the GW4 Alliance

New funding announced supporting technical staff across the GW4 Alliance

The GW4 Alliance, which has a mission to enable and support shared infrastructure and capabilities, has announced new funding for a GW4 Clinical Trial IT and Data Management project. With a grant of nearly £20,000, this six-month initiative aims to support data management across the Clinical Trials Units (CTUs) at the universities of Bristol, Cardiff, and Exeter. The University of Bath will be engaged through their sponsorship of clinical trials in the Bristol CTU.

This initiative builds on the success of the GW4WARD scheme, which aims to support research technical professionals to gain recognition, visibility and enhance career development opportunities. The newly funded project seeks to develop comprehensive training resources and support for data management in clinical trials and for REDCap, a widely used survey tool within the GW4 Alliance and beyond.

Data management plays a critical role in ensuring the integrity of research data and projects, yet limited training resources are available within the academic context. The project will facilitate GW4 CTUs to pool their knowledge and resources to develop training materials and reusable resources for data management. In line with the GW4 Alliance’s strategic priorities, this funding directly supports health and wellbeing research. Addressing the lack of structured support material for REDCap within the UK academic clinical trial context, the project aims to curate training packages and standardise the validation process. By avoiding duplication and sharing efforts, this collaboration will enhance participant safety, data integrity, and provide valuable resources to the wider REDCap community. It will benefit GW4 CTUs immediately, with a long-term vision to extend the project's impact to REDCap users throughout the United Kingdom by engaging with the UK Clinical Research Collaboration Clinical Trial Network.

The CTUs involved in the project play a crucial role in the region's clinical research infrastructure. Encouraging closer working and collaboration among historically isolated CTUs further enhances the value of this initiative and is aligned with the research culture agenda, promoting the visibility and progression of technical staff while fostering collaboration across all aspects of clinical research infrastructure.

Given the limited funding opportunities available, the GW4WARD scheme’s support for technical staff in academic institutions is vital. The GW4 Clinical Trial IT and Data Management project exemplifies the Alliance's commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, and efficiency in clinical research.

Through research and collaboration, this project inspires hope for a brighter future in South West England and South Wales, where advancements in healthcare and scientific discoveries can improve the wellbeing of all.

We’re delighted to announce this new funding to support our critical research technical professionals. This project promotes collaboration and underpins healthcare research and innovation across our institutions. Our technical staff play a vital role in advancing our goals and driving positive change, and we are proud to support them through these initiatives. Together, we will continue to make a difference in healthcare, research, and to the broader community.

Dr Joanna Jenkinson MBE - GW4 Alliance Director
University of Bath
University of Bristol
Cardiff University
University of Exeter