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VSimulators in Action

VSimulators in Action

The filming, by Rowe Films, took place at the state-of-the-art GW4 member facility at Exeter Science Park, which has the unique capability to recreate different environments either physically or virtually, immersing research volunteers in a simultaneous experience.

VSimulators enable researchers to measure the impact of vibrations of very tall buildings, wobbly bridges and floors on people’s health and well-being.

The VSimulators project started life as a GW4 collaborative research community and is part of a world class national research facility located at both the GW4 member institutions of Bath and Exeter.

Action sequences were filmed on the VSimulators motion platform, with demonstrations by people moving on the platform, using motion capture markers that collect human movement data.

Researchers believe that understanding how people move and interact within the physical environment, will influence design and material choices, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings. Such research could also address occupants’ wellbeing, improving their work performance, and create more supportive environments, for example for people with dementia.

The film includes conversations with industry and academic users of the facility, including Professor Sallie Lamb, Associate Dean for Research for the University of Exeter's College of Medicine and Health and Dr Roy Denoon from CPP Wind about the various multi-disciplinary research areas, such as engineering and health and wellbeing, which are being explored, and the journey to creating the platform.

The aim of the video is to demonstrate the capabilities of the VSimulator to parties interested in using the facility, until it is possible to host a physical launch, giving attendees the chance to experience the facility for themselves.

The video can be viewed via the University of Exeter’s YouTube channel.

For more information on the VSimulators facility or to discuss a project or idea which might use the capabilities, please contact

University of Bath
University of Bristol
Cardiff University
University of Exeter