Research capabilities

Collaborative research that answers the big questions

We identify areas of complementary expertise across our universities to develop research communities at scale which address major global and industrial challenges. To date (Feb, 2019) we have invested over £2.8m in 87 collaborative research communities, generating £37m in research income. This means for every £1 we’ve spent on collaborative research communities, we have captured £13 in external research awards.

Our collaborative research recognises and builds on our region’s strengths in:

  • Aerospace and advanced engineering
  • New energy systems
  • Next generation microelectronics
  • Resilience, environment and sustainability
  • Creative and cultural economy
  • Living well
  • Digital innovation

From Alzheimer’s diagnosis and post-truth politics, to biofuels and quantum cryptography, we are working together to tackle some of the most important issues affecting society today.  Our communities work with over 420 external partners as diverse as the Ministry of Justice, Airbus, Sky News and the European Space Agency. Many of our communities have contributed to knowledge transfer and real-world impact in terms of addressing policy, economic, societal, health and environment challenges.

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