GW4 Crucible – Healthy Living 2017

We are very excited to be launching a new crucible programme for the GW4 Alliance with the theme of ‘Healthy Living’

Crucible is a UK-wide, award winning initiative which, as its name suggests, provides a ‘melting pot’ in which talented and innovative researchers come together to network across the GW4 institutions (Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter) and beyond. This exciting new opportunity is being organised by the teams that developed the Welsh Crucible and South West Crucible programmes.

This year’s GW4 Crucible – Healthy Living 2017 cohort

The GW4 Crucible will introduce participants to new ideas, contacts and ways of working which will have a positive impact on their career development and increase their potential to excel within their field of expertise.

Crucible brings together 30 talented future research leaders from different backgrounds and disciplines and develops each of them as a researcher and leader. Through a series of workshops, talks, and activities participants are given the opportunity to engage with a variety of research-related ideas. Participants will hear from and socialise with expert guest speakers from GW4 and beyond on each aspect of Crucible. In this way, their research can benefit from new approaches to impact and reach.

Crucible is about collaboration. Participants have the opportunity to work with one another and to explore the benefits and challenges of inter-disciplinary and institutional collaborations as well as collaborations with external partners such as government, media and the public. If you are selected for the programme you can expect to see the following benefits:

  • IMG_8347Enhanced ability to think creatively and innovatively about your approach to your research
  • Visibility amongst a range of connected, thought provoking and influential people, including senior research and policy leaders in the GW4 institutions and beyond.
  • Increased understanding of how your research interacts with society through media, public engagement and policy making and how this may impact your work.
  • An understanding of your own personal impact and effectiveness, and how to use your skills to best suit your career aspirations and organisation.

The programme takes the form of three residential two-day intensive ‘labs’ from February to April 2017 across South Wales and the South West. The programme culminates in a final one-day workshop in May 2017 in which participants will have time to develop and write collaborative research proposals with their fellow Cruciblees.

This year’s GW4 Crucible will focus on the theme of ‘Healthy Living’. As one of the five key areas that make up the vision for GW4, ‘Healthy Living’ is positioned to seek a better understanding of, and to co-create and deliver innovative breakthroughs to face the global challenges in this area across all disciplines.

We will work with  researchers who aspire to excel in the academic environment and are looking for ways to look outwards to engage with new opportunities to develop their research. Places are allocated through a competitive application process overseen by a panel of senior academics and research-related experts (now closed). Participants in the programme must commit to all dates (below).

Lab Dates 2017

Application process

The application process for the 2017 cohort has now closed. Thank you for interest.