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Reshaping Learning in the Digital Era – How Does ChatGPT Affect Our Learning Performance, Experience and Attitude

The rapid development of AI has led to a re-evaluation of how technology-mediated knowledge is generated, used, and assessed. Increasing usage of AI tools will not only impact educational systems but also influence how people learn. It will alter the way we prioritize and absorb information, perceive the world, and engage in critical and creative thought, which are crucial for social change. Whilst interest is high and discussion vibrant surrounding AI tools, their effects on individual-level learning remain un-probed. Moreover, we lack consideration of the way these changes reshape our perception of the social world. 

To address this knowledge gap, this project will investigate how ChatGPT, a prominent AI technology, impacts cognitive and social aspects of learning. The project aims to understand the adoption process and behaviour of the technology itself. 

University of Bath
University of Bristol
Cardiff University
University of Exeter