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Flood Resilience for the Transport Sector and Urban Humanities

Flood Resilience for the Transport Sector and Urban Humanities

Hear from two Exeter University academics talk more about their GW4 research and innovation communities and how the GW4 Generator Fund benefited their research projects.

Dr Barry Evans (University of Exeter) part of the Flood Resilience for the Transport Sector research and innovation community commented: “It was a really good opportunity for us to meet each other and to really get a different perspective…and broaden our horizons. This has been a really good opportunity for myself personally and I would definitely recommend it for anyone to be involved with.”

Dr Jason Baskin (University of Exeter) PI of the Urban Humanities research and innovation community said: “We were able to reach out to a lot of people across all the GW4 institutions and made exciting, surprising connections with people in that way. We were also able to come together in person for workshops and a writing retreat, which enabled us to actually put down ideas on paper and put forward a grant application for further funding. It’s been really fun to be involved with GW4 and to have the support of GW4 administration and communications.”

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