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GW4 Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Hub (GW4 EDI Hub)

Project Summary

To establish this community, the Development Award funds will be used to host a conference on the topic of fostering an inclusive culture by means of a disruptive or challenging approach. The conference will bring together academic and professional service staff, research associates and students, to share insights and expertise that widen the understanding of EDI across departments and institutions. It aims to produce a cultural shift, drawing on the widest range of thinking and best practices, including marginalised voices, new ways of learning, and learning from outside the academic cohort. Working across the GW4 will allow the community to create the first STEMM EDI hub (a community of practice) in the UK, developing coherent methodologies and good practices to support other academic institutions to nurture an inclusive environment. The community highlight short and long term goals to achieve this shift in institutional culture across the GW4 institutions and beyond, including a repeated qualitative survey of institutional practices and standards, collaborating with external bodies to develop training and creating documented recommendations for GW4 STEMM Schools and Departments to refer to.

University of Bath
University of Bristol
Cardiff University
University of Exeter